Who are we really, online?

Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not!

Most people today have two lives, offline and online. When you are online, you have a personal identity, your name that you use online is unique to you and only to you. Having an online personal identity is not the same as your real life identity, which is the same as your offline identity, as many people can have the same name as you but no one can look like you and have the same name both at the same time.

Your personal identity information is basically made up of your birthday, your place of birth and the country and city that you are living in.

It’s important to have a good online personal identity so that no one uses your information and then uses it as their own information.

Online personal identity helps you keep your privacy, social and information about you private so that people out there can’t use your information to pretend to be you and if they have your banking details they could withdraw money from your credit cards.

Your personal identity represents you and it is basically a part of who you are. Your offline and online personal identity must be the same otherwise you are who you say you are and people won’t trust you who say that you are.

Communicating with people online, you need to keep in mind that honesty is key, because you tell people your name is Mary and you are actually John, then you are misleading your fellow online friends and you are not true to you who actually are. Always tell people exactly who you are from the beginning as you don’t want to people to misjudge you and get the wrong image of you.

I think if you don’t want people know exactly who you are, then just give them your first name so that they know more or less who they are communicating with.

Personal identity is important, so let your online friends know who you are!

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