A Day in my Real Life. Right now.

This is a small peek in to my current (work) days. The fun thing about working support is that every day is just a bit different. Ready? Let’s go!


5am — Wake up. Usually begrudgingly for the first 15 minutes or so. I am a morning person, and 5am is fine. It just takes my body a few minutes to realize it.

520 — Exercise or Relax: Yoga, stretching, cardio, or laying on the floor just thinking about my day.

550 — Breakfast+Tea making. My stomach isn’t a super big fan of mornings, so it is typically peppermint tea and peanut butter crackers. Or oatmeal which I will promptly forget to eat for two hours.

Work Time

6am — Start work. This is a new shift in my schedule, as I try to spread my time between all of our team’s timezones. Starting work at 6 gives me more time with our India office.

6–8am — Clean the inbox. I spend my first few moments at work cleaning out my inbox — leaving only the things I need to follow up on. I also clear slack notifications, and anything else pending. Since more than half of our team works in the IST timezone, a lot happens during my night.

There are also typically a lot of meetings during this time, trying to catch a few minutes with the folks on the India team, before they head out for the night.

8am — Standup call between the Ops team (who fixes customer bugs) and the Happiness Team. Before the meeting, I drop in to Slack any of the tickets we have questions on. We then go over them during the standup. We also talk about new releases, and get demos of product changes. This meeting has dramatically changed our team’s dynamic.

This is also when I usually notice I forgot to eat my oatmeal. Two hour old oatmeal is hard as a rock.

830-Lunch — For the rest of the morning I work on following up on tickets, working new tickets, and working on any projects or tasks we have going on. Sometimes, there are still meetings post-standup — such as our monthly team retros, or our global all hands meetings.

The Lunches

Somewhere around 12–1 I typically try and take lunch. Even though I love food, it is really easy to get caught up in work and forget to take a proper lunch break. Luckily we are super great at reminding each other to take that break.

My lunch break sometimes consists of eating. Other times, I’ve already eaten and may go on a run, or take a nap. Some days, I skip lunch all together in favor of leaving an hour early.


1–3p — Afternoons are usually full of projects — as we rarely have meetings in the afternoon. It is also a time when we have three Happiness folks online (for a brief period) so I try to break off and work on other things as well.

3p — 3'o’clock is my new time to finish up work (remember — I started at 6), but I am still adjusting to turning off at this time.

I need to get better about disconnecting at 3, but there is always more work to be done, and it is really easy to just keep working for a “bit” longer.

After Work

Currently I have a nice long break between when my work ends, and when Nathan gets home. I will pretend I use this time super wisely, as an adult should.

Usually I will try to go for a walk, or work on some other personal projects (aka writing this blog post). As Winter is approaching, I also go skiing on some nights, and will leave right after work. Oh. And sometimes I nap. Because I can.

Once Nathan is home, we do dinner and hang out. We’ve been working on balancing having some nights where we hang out together, and others where we do our own thing. Knitting and TV is usually involved here.

I typically head to bed around 930pm — which seems a whole lot later when your day starts at 5 :-)

I have the extreme pleasure to share the ups and downs of this journey with some wonderful folks over at Support Driven — A group for those who are serious about a career in Customer Support. Over the next 6 weeks we are focusing on writing for us, and have put together a fun writing challenge. Feel free to join us — we’d love to have you!