Escaping to my Thinking Space

Chelsea Elyse
Nov 17, 2016 · 2 min read

When it is all over, everything makes a little more sense…or it doesn’t, and that’s okay too.

As the crisp air fills my lungs, it burns a little — as it often does when the warm afternoon sun converts to chilly Autumn dusk. I breathe in slowly, capturing the breath in my mouth for just a second, as if to warm it just enough to prevent this lung-freeze. It’s a lost cause, but the slow deep breathing begins to calm my mind.

I step forward, one light footstep at a time. Quickly I convert this into a forefoot jog, knowing that the longer I walk, the harder it will be to get started. The bare trees pass with a blur, and my feet begin to go forward subconsciously. It is only then that the rustle of the trees is interrupted by loud thoughts in my head.

I shift through them quickly — as if flipping methodically through a rolodex, searching for the right number to connect a call to (a metaphor that I hope is not lost on anyone). I settle on a few that need immediate attention, and I let my mind drift off to these places.

I let my mind run through scenarios — old conversations, future talks, or mental notes for current problems. I repeat the thoughts in my head, until they’re committed to some form of memory for recording or recollecting later.

Sometimes a single thought occupies more than an hour of a run. Other days, it’s a mismatched jumble of ideas, anxiety and fact finding. When it is all over, everything makes a little more sense or it doesn’t, and that’s okay too.

I have the extreme pleasure to share the ups and downs of this journey with some wonderful folks over at Support Driven — A group for those who are serious about a career in Customer Support. Over the next 6 weeks we are focusing on writing for us, and have put together a fun writing challenge. Feel free to join us — we’d love to have you!

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