Ruminating on B. Singleton’s article “Anthropocene Nights”

Designers are implicated throughout human history in many of the disastrous socio-political movements, environmental destruction, and cultural appropriation. The current fad in critical design seems to be one that looks at design through a dystopian lens. Perhaps this is why the contemporary ethics that I have come to identify with and that I try to apply to my practice as a designer seem so overly optimistic.

I agree with Singleton when he raises the point that design is complicit in a multitude of situations that have devastated so many (Singleton, 2012). Right…

October 2016

NASA/JPL — The Sounds of Earth Record Cover

Voyager Remix by Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky the Subliminal Kid, is a 2016 remix of the sounds and music that were sent on a golden phonographic record entitled The Sounds of Earth on the interstellar space probes Voyager I and II by the American space program, NASA, in 1977 (Johnson 2016). …

I am rereading the same sentence again; possibly for the hundredth time. It is hard to take meaning from something so vast in the context of this curtained room, with the noise of strangers close and the permeating smell of rubbing alcohol: “… the “real” expanded and swallowed up whole continents of social imagination marginalizing as fantasy whatever was left.” (Dunne, Anthony, et al, 2013). I am living in the stomach of this impossible whale of a task, an academic interpretation that has become deeply personal. I am afraid that I do not understand, or that by understanding, I…

Chelsea Bell Eady

Communication Designer | #Art | Literature | Poetry | Film | #NorthVan | Curator | Teacher | Narrative Design

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