February 2018 Favourites

Chelsea Blacker
Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Here are some of my favourite things from February 2018.

90 Days of Waking Up at 5am. Since December 2017, I’ve been waking up at 5am. I learned about the #5amclub from Robin Sharma and thought it seemed like a good fit for my lifestyle. Ninety days later I’m happy to confirm it’s a legitimate habit I’m sticking too. I reflect on my day, learn about a predetermined topic, and go to the gym all before I arrive at work for 8:30 ready to focus on clients.

Debt Free. I’ve cancelled my credit cards and simply lived on my new Monzo debit card all month (a January favourite!). It’s a great feeling to have no debt building up, and I’m making smarter decisions with my money to save a few £ each week; I’ve made peace with forgoing air miles. Examples of savings include asking Reiss staff for extra discount on sale item(£8 extra off!), buying a product in store to avoid shipping charges (£3.50 plus 500 extra steps), and discovering frozen fruit at Tescos (so much cheaper — why has no one ever told me about this before?!?).

Productivity & Learning

Slack. We are loving it in the office, great way to share content/conversations and easy to dip in and out when needs be.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Simply amazing.

Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish. Read my blog post here about it.

Yoval Noah Harrari on James Altucher’s podcast. If you want to understand the entire world and why things are the way they are, just read his books.

Sleep phones. So I can fall asleep listening to e-books without disrupting others 😉. Revolutionary for anyone who hates listening to their partner’s content at bed time.

How Social Media is Ruining your life YT video by a 16 year old sage regarding the deep implications of social media on our lives.


Oblix in The Shard. Mind blowing food and wonderful view, the cocktails were delicious too!

Baking. I have never baked before, but as a YouTube addict I have watched others bake. So in February I tried out some vegan treats myself including peanut butter cookies, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies. My BlueGlass team and rock climbing crew seemed to enjoy all three as there was nothing left.

Jackfruit. Strangest fruit ever, it looks like meat but it’s a fruit. Delicious.

Fitness & Health

1 pull up. I can now do a pull up for the first time in my life! This was a goal I set myself for the start of 2018 and I’m so excited to take it to the next level and do 2 pull ups, then 3, etc. When I get to 20 this will be a huge deal for me.

Harrowall (“Harrow Wall”). New climbing centre in Harrow, open three weeks ago and I’ve been twice. So much variety across 38,000 sq ft, it’s a little Mecca.

I’m on the far right, learning to balance so I can join the others eventually.

Holland and Barrett. English people don’t laugh at me, but I never knew what happened in this 1980’s colour combo shop until this past month — if Whole Foods was British and next door to your high street optometrist it would be H&B. This weekend they had a mad deal on cashews, I bought 2 giant bags for £15.

H&M workout clothes. Again — a mega cheap alternative to Lulu Lemon and the quality 4 weeks in of hard wear seems quite good. I bought two pairs of leggings and matching tops — it makes me want to work out even more!

Chelsea Blacker

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Agency builder & digital marketing expert in Berlin. ChelseaBlacker.com | Linkedin.com/in/chelseablacker | 🧗🏽‍♀️🎿 📚🍳🐕

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