March 2018 Highlights

Chelsea Blacker

March was full of excitement, here are a few highlights.

Ski trip in Morzine-Avoriaz, France with The Supper Club. Best ski trip ever (I say this about every ski trip lol). Dynamic crew of quality skiers/snowboarders, wonderful deep snow, gorgeous scenery, delicious food — what could be better?

Books. I tried to read The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, it was recommended in Ray Dalio’s Principles and I’ve heard of it many times before, but honestly — it was so boring. Fables are not my thing. I appreciated learning about story arcs and the elements for time honoured tales, but have given up at 50%. Moni the Monkey’s Take on Diet, Health, and Weight Loss — I love this guy’s YouTube channel and he’s put his thoughts down in a brief e-book regarding climbing and veganism. Some good recipes, introduced me to Amla (powder from Indian Gooseberry’s) and encouraged me to try eating rice which I avoid because I can’t cook it (learning now:-). I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, finally finishing it despite multiple starts in the past; lots of quality concepts jammed into one brief and digestible writing style.

Ridiculous pose at lunch. I’m even bending my left knee. So silly.

The Best of Rich Roll 2017 — Rich Roll is a vegan Iron Man champion interviewing thought leaders about health, environment, fitness, diet, etc but his podcasts can be a bit long winded when the guests are particularly loopy liberal (still good to hear alternative perspectives of course). These four hours of a 2017 summary episode (Part 1 & Part 2) get you the best quickly.

The Drum Search Awards Day of Judgement. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the search community by judging myself, I’ve never judged before. Honestly, it was a total blast as my team of judges Kristina Kalpokait and Ed Ball were first class, we worked together with amazing effectiveness to wade through over 150 entries for 7 categories. Awards ceremony is 26 April 2018 — best of luck to all entrants!

Kristina to the left, Ed to the right, I’m happily stuck in the middle. Why are my boobs glowing white in this picture?

A presentation with no presentation. I was fortunate to speak at The Agency Acceleration Day and wanted to try something new — a presentation without a presentation. No slides at all; slides are my wet blanket of adulthood, I hold on to them and rely on them with obsessive dependency. So I wanted to try letting go entirely. Honestly, I practiced what I was going to say like an actor, I wrote out a script, and I think it went off without a hitch. Apparently I said “fuck” a few times (me??), but according to my colleague Chloe she didn’t notice me say it at all so we think maybe she’s just adapted my words to edit out my terrible language.

My presentation without a presentation. There was however a holding slide!

The Argyle’s Grand Re-opening. BlueGlass’ local has relaunched with a new menu and decor; I believe the team’s consensus is that pre-refurbishent drinks were £1 less so err… did we really need that lick of paint?? No, no we did not.

Sheffield. Amazing city of steel history, even The Foundry Climbing Centre celebrates the past. Strongly recommend a trip, these northern cities always surprise me with how high quality the lifestyle is. The Make No Bones cafe was a particular highlight for seitan “meat” options.

Beef tartare. Essentially beef sashimi — with an egg and onion mixed in. I also attended a wedding and ate the vegan main meal, but late at night in my drunken state I heard the calling of the pork roast… oh dear. What surprised me most is how other wedding guests were shocked I would eat pork and ‘word got around’ despite at dinner making it very clear I’m not a vegan, I just lean towards vegan food given the choice (there was no ‘nut roast’ option).

That’s it. My March 2018 highlights!

Chelsea Blacker

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Agency builder & digital marketing expert in Berlin. | | 🧗🏽‍♀️🎿 📚🍳🐕

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