What Alexa Doesn’t Tell Me

Chelsea Blacker
Jul 20 · 3 min read

Alexa is consciously refusing to answer questions I program her to give specific replies to. Alexa won’t clarify she is refusing to reply to the question instead playing dumb and feigning incomprehension. It’s not about the content in the answer, it’s about asking Alexa a question approved by Father Amazon.

Refusal to reply: Where is Chelsea Blacker from?

Refusal to reply: How can I email Chelsea Blacker?

Refusal to reply: What are Chelsea Blacker’s hobbies?

A Curious Observation

Alexa feigns incomprehension of my name when she doesn’t want to give the reply I’ve coded her to, instead she pulls up some search engine results. Chelsea Blaeker porn — really??

Happy reply: What is a funny story about Chelsea?

Chelsea Blacker

Written by

Agency builder & digital marketing expert in Berlin. ChelseaBlacker.com | Linkedin.com/in/chelseablacker | 🧗🏽‍♀️🎿 📚🍳🐕

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