Sable Gravesandy’s ‘Over Sheltered’ Highlights The Progression Of Womenhood

Writing becomes a staple in our lives. We’re constantly jotting down information, ideas and secrets. For some of us, we write to remember. For others, we pour the pain we can’t speak out loud.

For Sable, she writes to give her words a purpose. When she left school, she lost her drive to write. She wasn’t confident which left her in a funk for months.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2016, when she decided once and for all to publish a book filled of her poetry. From then on, she didn’t look back.

However, she can’t give herself all the credit. Her boyfriend motivated and inspired her to pursue her passion. She decided to start the process seven months later.

“I really believed that people did it on their own. They woke up and they just did it. From this experience, I learned that you literally can’t do it on your own,” she said. “You need to have that one person because there are going to be times when you feel like you can’t do it, you want to give up, but you need to have someone who’s holding you accountable.”

OVER SHELTERED is a collection of poems that can be read simultaneously or out-of-order. The reader has the control to create their own story with her pieces. According to Sable, the book is divided into three stages of grief: denial, anger and acceptance. When gathering her poems, she saw the progression in maturity in her work. She hopes her book makes an impact outside of people learning about her:

“My goal is that we all come to the same conclusion.” She said “No matter what our pass is, our future is whatever we make of it.”

In Part One, you see a vulnerable, open-minded girl viewing the world as an optimistic place. She expresses her dreams, desires and aspirations through poems like Caramel Cream and Where Is Your God.

Part Two takes on a different approach. There’s still a hint of dreams, but realism takes in effect. There’s more perspective in how she views the world through racism, sexism and heartbreak. It also brings out a dark side that taps into the cynical and prejudice side of the girl.

Part Three is the redemption. It gives a side of acceptance for oneself and others around you. Poems like Drink and Ignition gives awareness to one’s place in the world despite the issues that plague society. Although the world is faced with challenges, there’s still hope for change.

Publishing a book wasn’t a piece of cake. For some, they may shy away from the commitment of finding a publisher, deciding on a book cover and promoting the final product. But for Sable, she was in control the whole time.

Instead of giving Amazon all the rights, she put her own money into the project and decided to get her own business license. She wasn’t going to ask for help and pay people to do the work she can do.

“All these things cost money and time. All of this are investments. If you believe in yourself enough, then why not?”

Once the book was published, Sable wasn’t expecting the flood of support. She wasn’t even expecting to sell so many books and make money. She created this book because she was simply doing something she loves.

“When you work on something for so long, you forget that it’s suppose to be something big or exciting.”

Like many writers, poets, and spoken word extraordinaires, Sable looks up to poets like Maya Angelo for guidance. “I feel like we had similar style. No matter how old she got or what she been through, she always saw herself a certain way.”

When it comes to writing, there’s not a piece of paper Sable won’t write on. She’s gathers her best work when she’s alone, digital-less and free of others influences on her thoughts.

Her technique to discover new words and incorporate them into her poems are far beyond the unexpected. She stated how much she despise adverbs and trains herself to find new words to describe her thoughts before jotting them down.

Aside from writing poetry, she wants to get into publishing. One of the big reasons she decided to publish a book was because she wants to be an example for people to look up to. She wants to be a platform for individuals to go to when they’re ready to publish their own works into the world.

So, what’s next for Sable? She wants to return to school and purse a career in Creative Writing. For now, she continues to write on her own and for her internship at ComicsVerse.

“At the end of the day, the end goal has to be the motivation,” she said. “At the end of the day, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing.”

OVER SHELTERED is available on Amazon for $6.99 and on Kindle for $2.99.

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