Process Of Adding Hotmail Accounts In Outlook

Want to manage all your accounts on one platform? If you are using more than one Hotmail account on your computer system then it is easy to operate them all with Microsoft Outlook. It is quite normal for the businesses to keep in touch with their clients through multiple business email accounts and keeping the mails organized. Outlook lets the user to add as many Hotmail accounts as you can manage. You can add your personal email as well in the same.

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Go through the below directions for adding two Hotmail accounts in Microsoft Outlook:
a. On the top left corner of the Outlook window, click on the ‘File’ button.

b. In the Account Information section, click on the ‘Add Account’ button available at the top of the screen for opening the ‘Add New Account’ window.

c. If you have not selected the ‘E-mail Account’ button, then select it by clicking on it.

d. In the ‘Your Name box’ enter your name and then in the respective fields type your Hotmail address as well as password. For verifying the accuracy you are required to retype the password.

e. For connecting to the server and verification of the credentials, click on ‘Next’ button. You emails will start showing in Outlook if the connection is established.

f. Follow the steps again for adding another Hotmail to Outlook.

Keep In Mind: If your Outlook cannot connect to your account, you need to add POP3/ IMAP settings manually. Click on the ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ button. Don’t select ‘Email Account’ button in the above third step. Then follow the onscreen direction.

If you need any detail and information regarding the account settings, then contact with the experts by dialing Hotmail Customer Support Number +61283206010. You can discuss your issues directly with the team. We assure you to get the desired help and appropriate solution. You can also reach us through chat process or email support.

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