I loved this studio. Image by André Golik taken at Delux Studios in Sound City, Los Angeles CA.

After reading week 1 of CIU, I have discovered that their (the mysterious SAE course writers) goal is for me to become a ‘connected, self-directed practitioner’ through critically thinking about my industry. This is so I may have a better understanding of my identity — not just as a person but as an artist — which will enable me to analyse my creative media industry (and the part I want to play in it).

I believe this module has come about at a good time for me as I am the kind of person who jumps into everything, causing me to be good at a lot but not excellent at one thing. As creative people, this is very easy to do. It’s also easy for me to ignore the voice in my head asking me to sit down and think things through properly. So! This blog will be a great opportunity for me to think (critiqcally and analytically and all those other fancy words) and coach myself into a direction that is my greatest desire.

A good place for me to start would be to analyse what I’m doing now within my creative industry, which is music (studying audio):

  • I am a student at SAE, studying full time
  • I am the founder and principle of Dalkeith Road School of Music
  • I work 2.5 days as the music director at my church
  • I’m signed to Energy Groove as an artist, so am continually writing and producing songs to send to my label

Yes, so full-time work (sometimes more than full-time!) and full-time study has been interesting. Stressful. Character building. It’s taken me a while to get to this point where I can actually say that (okay I admit I’m burning the candle at both ends) BUT I love what I do. I’ve had to work so hard to get here… and I haven’t stopped working hard. Which leads to my next point.


“What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

My Dad is a life coach and he always hits the nail on the head when it comes to asking great questions. He found this particular question from a book (it’s literally called “The ONE Thing” by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan). If I could wake up everyday and ask myself this question and it would help me big time.

(Chelsea took a break at this point to ponder all the deep things in life and decide/discover/decipher her one thing).

Chelsea’s One Thing (which by doing will not only help in all her CIU assesments but also in being more intentional with her studies, work and general life things)…

To be the most sought after producer in Perth by 2020.

Yep! I’ll continue to invest in and save for all the required studio equipment, but I think the most important thing right now is to improve my audio engineering (recording, editing, mixing, mastering, everything audio) skills while continuing to grow my client base through my music school and work.

There we have it. My first blog. I feel like I’ve become a little bit more of a ‘connected, self-directed practitioner’ through my semi-blabbering contemplations.


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