Knights, whores, witches and Zoom


As I write this lede, it’s the second week of New York’s social distancing mandate. I’m wearing a t-shirt I slept in, woke up in, slept in again, and woke up in once more; a pair of besmirched jeans; some questionable socks; a battered cotton bra; and no panties. …

Parsing the architecture of memorial in Norway’s witch capital

This Halloween, I took myself to Vardø, the “witch capital of Norway.” I’ve desperately wanted to visit Vardø for about three years, ever since I stumbled across pictures of its Steilneset Memorial: a bifurcated monument to the 91 people burned at the stake during Vardø’s seventeenth-century witch panic. …

Power Trip

As scientists have proved, and an awkward encounter with Gwyneth Paltrow has reaffirmed: love it or hate it, the F-word is mighty

Sometime in the mid-’90s, I was sitting in a spa chair for my weekly mani pedi when a milky-pale woman settled into the chair beside me. Her existence hardly registered until she held up three bottles of nail polish, all variations of nude pink. “Which for my fingers and which…


From body weight and batteries to programming and consent, there’s nothing straightforward about sexbots. But they’re coming anyway.

In a promotional video, robot designer Dr. Sergi Santos runs his finger inside the mouth of his Samantha sexbot. “Uhhh,” she moans. Sergi touches the doll’s hand, and she moans again. “She felt that,” he says, “and she’s actually getting quite horny.” Samantha is not, of course, getting horny. Samantha…

chelsea g. summers

An ex-academic and a former stripper, Chelsea G. Summers is a writer who’s going places.

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