Death, or Rebirth?

Death is typically the most feared of all the Tarot cards in the deck. Upon first glance, people often mistake its meaning to be literal — fearing the presence of death or an imminent loss in their future. It creates a sense of dread and worry for the subject, often ensuing a state of panic and regret.

However, Death is also the most misunderstood card in the deck, as it actually represents a major conclusion of a chapter, leading to transformation, new beginnings, and rebirth. Death can mean second chances, change, and moving forward, making it a thoughtful card for those unhappy with their present circumstances, and seeking clarity for their future.

This card showed up in my last 3 readings, as if to warn that change was coming. This actually scared me more than death itself. I was not ready for change, yet much like the act of dying, Death does not discern between age, race, or gender — when it’s your time it will find you. Little did I know, Death signified the forthcoming passage of an old life, and a segue into all things reborn fresh, new, and pure.

If Death should present itself to you, remember that things are not always as they appear to be.

*Tarot readings are not meant to tell your fortune or see into your future. They’re meant to spark internal dialogue and interpretation of what’s laid out before you. To put you in touch with your higher-self, and evaluate your current state of being. Chelsea reads Tarot cards for her friends sometimes, just for funsies*