South Carolina was his excuse, why he couldn’t go with you, so instead of go alone, you chose to stay at home and think about how the night would have went had he been there with you. All because you thought the only memories worth making were the ones with people who stay around. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong, we’ll leave that up to chance, because sooner than later.. You’ll be leaving, and crying every night as you will, you won’t be coming back. The only question is, do you give him any notice, give him any chance to say what he’s been wanting to say because he knows it will be his last chance, and if at worse he just wants to be remembered by you. Or right before you go, you take him into your arms for the first and last time, look up to him through mascara stained and bloodshot eyes, and tell him goodbye without any explanation at all. Why because it hurts less to pretend he didn’t care about you as much as you cared about him. It hurts less to not think about how he hit his head against his bedroom wall last night because he regrets not making you stay, it hurts less being oblivious to his pain, because you woke up at 2am in your new house, 3 states away from him crying till your body was begging you to stop, but you couldn’t. It was too painful to even try to stop, so you decided to end it all. You took a razor and slit one of your arteries before you could think of a reason to keep living. The blood was spilling out onto your bedroom floor and you were slowly losing your vision. But then the phone rings, and you answer it without even looking who called, and then you hear his voice, he’s calling out for you, pleading for you to say anything, and with your last breath you whisper into the phone “I loved you”