Gems + LocalHost:3000 setup

she’s pretty hard to debug at first

The snap story above was how I started my morning. The goal was to have the server up and running on localhost:3000. Even though I had followed the tutorial on the Coding Dojo platform, my terminal didn’t like my requests. It kept telling me that I either didn’t have permission to request/install something or something didn’t exist/was an incompatible version. I apologize for being vague here, as I also didn’t understand clearly what the problems were exactly.

How I approached this:

  • Copy + Pasted Error Message into Google
  • Find a StackOverflow Q&A that seemed to match my problem
  • Pasted the solution and observe results
  • If new error/same error, repeat process again

I have more assignments due today, and this process was both a learning experience and a waste of time that could of been used to actually get some assignments done. At the same time, I couldn’t have gotten any assignments done if I didn’t have my localhost:3000 running in the first place.

I think issues like this came up from either my human-problems (typos) or the fact that I bought this MacBook Air as a used laptop.

Now that this problem is finally solved, I can move on to learning a new chapter on our platform today: Rails! ~