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relationship status: taken by ruby

It’s been a personal goal of mine to master Ruby. After discovering that it was a language made in Japan, it is now the perfect excuse to learn Japanese and work with the Japanese one day in the future.

After one month into the bootcamp, it’s time for me to take my studies much more seriously. I would like to blog about both the struggles and the success which I will encounter within Ruby. As I document about my journey, I can someday look back at this blog and appreciate the time and hard work that I have spent on learning this type of code.

Today is Day 2 of Ruby on Rails.

(Yesterday) The first day was smoother than I thought it would be. Thanks to the first month of learning the full-stack of Python, grasping the basics of Ruby on Rails went a lot quicker than I had planned. Today, I decided to spend the day at home and work on my assignments. Yesterday’s assignments ended with a brief intro to Enumerables. I still have yet to fully understand what they are and why they are important.

Once I arrived home from class, last night, I had spent the last few hours, before bed watching youtube videos on Ruby on Rails to better familiar myself with the community that will soon to be my family.

These were the few things that I had learned:

  • Enumerables are super important
  • Everything is an object
  • How I should stop using while/for loops
  • I should learn more about symbols, strings, classes, and modules

Today’s assignments will consist of OOP. Wish me luck.

It’s pretty much all about getting my feet wet in Ruby at this point.