An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Thank you Stefanie! I to grew up in a family business picking up trash on my father’s construction sites for $50 a day at 13 years old, served fat tourists hamburgers and soda at an amusement park, babysat, washed cars and I worked FOR FREE as an intern in college while babysitting at night so I could pay my rent. I watched my family’s business evaporate overnight in 2008, but I also watched them rebuild and come out of the crisis stronger, scrappier and more resilient. These lessons did not come with out sacrifice. Ironically this past Halloween was the day I decided to quit a job that had such a negative impact on my life, health and well-being I realized I would be happier working conventions, catering holiday parties and doing odd jobs until I found the right fit. My pride is not so inflated that I believe hard labor and menial work is below me. I am now 23, living and working in San Francisco at a job that pays alright, but I LOVE and has a clear path towards my career goals. I also love good bourbon, but I don’t own a car and I work side jobs to bring in extra income in addition to my full time tech job. We don’t all have whiny attitudes, in fact even at this young stage of my career I know the days when I drove around on empty because I could not afford a tank of gas(happy to be a part of the pedal power movement now!), skipped meals to save money, oh and live in a converted dining room so I could pay the least amount of rent were worth it. I treat every service employee with respect and dignity, I stick to a strict budget, eat a diet that consists mainly of greens, grains and beans (cheap, healthy basics) and ride a bike so I only worry about those co pays once a year for a regular check up. Not every millennial is a whiny, entitled brat. We’re just to busy putting our heads down and working to make social media stinks about the hurdles we are working to overcome.

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