Why Quarter-Life Crises are the New Mid-Life Crises

For us young, 20-somethings who are months away from graduation, we may be feeling like we are going through our very own (and very early) life crisis.

The college-oriented world that we have selectively crafted for ourselves is ending, leaving us with a completely new slate in which we can start all over. In theory, this sounds absolutely amazing; a chance to recreate our identity, quit our dead-end job, move out on our own, begin a new career that we actually give two shits about, and start living like a real adult. But for those of us who are thoroughly enjoying college and haven’t really thought too far into the future, this can be absolutely terrifying.

Most of us on the verge of graduating actually have no idea what kind of job or career it is that we want to pursue. This leaves us feeling like we are just floating along, stuck in this day by day drag, and fearing that the customer service job we currently have (and openly loathe) will be destined to remain a reoccurring aspect of our everyday life.

This is not true.

Although it seems like time is running out and we have to make lifelong decisions immediately, we actually don’t. The first job that we get after graduating college isn't a job that we are stuck in…nor is the second, or the third, or the fourth job. We should be trying out different jobs in order to find out what it is that we like and what it is that we hate. If we don’t try a numerous amount of things out, then we will never know and never truly find what is that will make us happy.

In addition to the career decisions we are soon going to be forced to make, transitioning from college social life to adult social life encompasses some more changes.

We seniors have to realize that graduating from college will entail many drastic changes to our social life. Some of these include; sorority and fraternity parties coming to an end, keg stands not being a reoccurring sight, and the elimination of frequent all-nighters.

While these aspects of college life will cease to be a constant part of our everyday life, the new changes that are going to arise, will make our future even better.

House parties will become a regular thing, because now, we have our own places to live, and let’s be realistic, nobody actually enjoys partying with the frat guys and sorority girls. These are your parties, your invite list, and your rules. Your drink pallet will soon be upgraded. Wine is going to become the new keg stand, because it gives a better and more enjoyable drunk than beer could ever give. And lastly, all-nighters actually suck. So whether these all-nighters were caused by choice of us partying all night before work at 7 am, or because of our massive study load, after graduation, we won’t do them anymore. As we get older, we realize that we need our sleep, and although we like to party, we like 6 hours of sleep even more.

While the future is filled with uncertainty and big changes, we have to understand that we are just moving from one chapter onto the next. The fun and excitement of college doesn't have to end, and it most definitely won’t.

As we plan the rest of our lives out and begin to discover what it is that we love, I think that it’s necessary for us to keep in mind that we are humans and that we like to feel comfortable. So to feel lost and sad about leaving behind a part of us that we have grown so accustom to, such as college, is natural. But refusing to grow, progress, and better ourselves and our lives is stupid. It’s not a quarter-life crisis, it’s just moving forward. So enjoy the last few months of college that you have left; do a keg stand, stay up all night, and figure out what the hell it is that you actually give a damn about, and pursue that, so you can make your future the best that it can be.

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