A heartfelt account

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“I wish we could walk out and leave all our belongings in the apartment as they are now, like a museum of us”, he said. Our marriage had ended, but we hadn’t moved out yet. He continued, “We could visit perhaps, but it wouldn’t be necessary. It would just be comforting to know that somewhere in the world, there is a piece of our life frozen in time, continuing to survive.” Breath escaped me. It was one of the most beautiful concepts I had ever heard.

My now ex-husband always had a knack for gorgeous imagery. After we split up…

Research says I might be on to something

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My First Experience

I was on my way home from quitting a part-time job I hated. Sitting on the train heading back to my University, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and began to sense unintelligible utterances that wanted to come out welling up inside me. A familiar aura accompanied the feeling. I had experienced it once before while I was laying in bed late at night after a day teaching English at a school in Italy.

It was a full immersion English camp, so I didn’t speak Italian, and the students and family I lived with didn’t speak much English…

The story of how my Dad became my best friend

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My parents divorced when I was two years old, so I don’t remember living with my Dad. I oscillate between idealizing and catastrophizing what could have happened to my relationship with him if I spent my childhood under his roof. Since that ship has sailed, I’ll tell you what actually happened.

He got sober, proposed to my soon to be Stepmom and left town to move in with her. I have vague memories of the night he told my older brother and me that he was relocating 450 miles away. I remember not wanting to make him feel bad by…

A story about two strangers

The inside of a Parisian cathedral softly lit in the evening
The inside of a Parisian cathedral softly lit in the evening
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You hear stories about people encountering what they felt were angels in human form. I never believed them until I met Christopher.

It was a cold November, and I was in Paris for work. A musician I worked with had just played a show in a beautiful old church, and as we exited the sold-out gig via the side door, a man jumped up off the stoop while quickly gathering his sleeping bag and belongings that blocked our way.

The priest who was walking us out didn’t bat an eyelid, which brought me some comfort as I worried he would…

Warning: Spending a day thanking your belongings may cause delight

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I treasure simplicity and minimalism. When I moved in with my partner, I brought one suitcase and a couple of small bags. He enjoys collecting films, records and art books, so it took some time for us to strike a balance of surrounding him with all his favourite things and leaving empty space for my inspiration.

This morning I looked around at all of our possessions and took myself on a thought journey that started with recalling a conversation I had years ago with a friend and finished with me thanking my pots and pans. …

Growing up in a pure culture cut me off from my body.

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We are spiritual beings having a human experience — (the flawed) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


A year and a half ago, I left my job in the music industry to pursue a monastic-inspired life. I loved my work, but I started to feel this nagging suspicion that my deeper self was calling me into a new direction towards spirituality and simplicity.

I now care for beautiful dogs to pay my bills, and I spend my days in nature and solitude. Some days my indoor silence includes meditation, moving my body, book-reading, writing and learning; other days, it entails watching TV…

Based on a divorcee’s experience (mistakes), hard work, and research.

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Most people who hear I got engaged at 21 and married at 22, only to have my marriage fall apart by 25, assume the divorce was due to my young age. In actuality, the reason we divorced was that I accidentally married for friendship and partnership instead of love, which you could chalk up to being too young to know myself enough to take the plunge. I mostly disagree.

Although statistically, I was more likely to divorce, plenty of people marry young and stay married. Plenty of people marry later and get divorced. In fact, recent trends have shown that…

2020 was subconsciously tricky for me, and 2021 appears to offer more of the same

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The Ache

For the past few months, I have experienced a dull ache in my chest that has perplexed me. Although my dog caring business has taken a big hit due to the pandemic, my savings, supportive partner, and the measly US stimulus check have kept me afloat. Countless times my other half and I have spoken about our gratefulness for the local parks, a balcony, our healthy relationship, and relative financial security. There are people far more pressed than we are. …

I also don’t believe we can stomach or justify an extreme revolution

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I have heard and read it from many over the past few months — politicians, white Liberals, middle-aged church ladies, and now even the divider in chief himself — “We need to unify and heal our nation.” Say what? Are you kidding me?

The “unity call” is one area I agree with angry Trumpers. It’s hypocritical. And if we are honest with ourselves, it’s not even what we desire. We are two nations living in the same land, pretending we have enough common ground to be of the same flesh.

A couple of years ago, my once-Republican Dad, who lives…

Animal Anecdote

Kinship is everywhere if you are open to it

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For over five years, I’ve lived in a beautiful, village-like area in London where independent restaurants, coffee shops, and grocers sit next to the equally independent book shop and pet store on the tiny high street. We have a dentist, doctor’s office, a gorgeous park full of dogs and children, and the homes are quintessentially Londonish while the community centre and local paper provide connectedness. Don’t even get me started on the cozy mewses. I would kill for a home on a mews.

I inherited this idyllic location not through merit, but romantic commitment. I moved in with my other…

Chelsea London

Expansiveness enthusiast who left the music industry to live a monastic-inspired life in the city. Oklahoma-raised Londoner. Ex-vangelical. Dog sitter. 🪐

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