Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

Of course there are a few black men cosigning this utter rubbish of an article. Most of them are just as deranged and crazy, much like this mammy and her reach for blaming black women for not seeing this trash bag movie. It’s funny how black men were not out in high numbers to support this foolishness, yet were the some of the ones excusing Nate Parkers behavior, and yet there is no article blaming them too. And also, if you are a black person who in this day and age are still blaming the mean ole “Black feminist” for everything, when last I checked, they are not the ones murdering their own people in places such as Chicago, leaving a boat load of out of wed lock children and killing their own women at 2.5% higher rate than other races of men, you need your head examined.