The Rule of Thirds: How Design Shack Writes So Well

In looking through articles related to graphic design, I came across this article on Design Shack about the fundamental rule of thirds. I’ve heard about this rule since I took my first photography class in middle school. I’ve seen it used in photography and design countless times and I’ve also used it myself. However, one aspect I never thought about was utilizing this rule within text. This article did just that and, by doing so, proved itself it be a powerfully written piece. Here’s why:

It was concrete.

The article states that grouping text into lists and other groups of thirds helps the information to be easily digested. To back up this statement, the author provided concrete examples. These examples took the form of both images and the text of the article itself. One example that worked particularly well was when the author listed three pop culture quotations. These quotations were similar in scope and length and were in the form of a list, thus applying the rule to her own writing. By writing in the very style she was describing, she reinforced the topic of the article.

It was readable.

The author knew that the article was being directed towards an online design-centered audience. As such, readability was key. This was demonstrated by the fact that the text was in a black, san-serif font against a white background for proper contrast. Furthermore, there were green hyperlinks included to give additional context to the reading as well as to help distinguish the links from the rest of the text.

It flowed.

This article broke up the text into subheadings and logically progressed from one to the other. By starting out giving a basic background and flowing through to the conclusion, the reader can easily understand how each example of the rule of thirds works.

With these aspects in mind, the article is not only well-written, but also engaging to designers.

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