I had a very expensive day today, but in the best way possible. Knowing that I'd made the decision to transfer am extra $1000 to my travel card so that money wasn't an issue, I let myself loose at the Athens flea market. And it felt so good!!!!! I am usually very tight with my money, so it was actually quite thrilling to be frivolous.

I did manage to fit in a bit of culture as well, as I started my day with a quick look around the ruins of Hadrian’s Library which was cool. If ancient ruins were ever going to stop fascinating me, I feel like it would have happened by now. I am still intrigued every time.

After that I began my wild run in the markets. Two rings, a tote bag, a tiny little bowl (I think it’s a bowl?) that I thought was cute, a bunch of presents and a statue of the Greek Goddess of Victory, and my personal favourite — Nike. I promise the fact that she is my favourite has nothing to do with the sports brand. It's because she's awesome and has huge, epic wings.

I still feel like I need to go back though. The blue opal jewelery sold here is just… there are no words. It's opal, my birth stone. It's the most perfect blue, turquoise colour, my favourite. And a lot of it is ocean themed — turtles, starfish, shells etc. It's basically perfect for me. I need some.

I saw a bracelet today that I feel in love with. It was silver with two dolphins in the blue opal, but it was 50€. I was being frivolous, sure, but… ouch. I can't stop thinking about it though, and where else am I going to find something so perfect for me? …Okay, hopefully I can find the shop again because I have just talked myself into it.

It looks like my shopping is not done after all.

Tomorrow is my last day in Athens before heading to Santorini, so it's going to be a busy one! I need to visit the ancient sites I haven't seen yet — The Temple of Zeus and the Olympic Stadium. I am also going to climb Mt Lycabettus in the evening as it apparently has a fantastic view of the sunset. Plus it looks like I will shop some more as well. Woohoo!

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