I have fallen madly in love with Copenhagen!

Firstly I have to note that my train here from Hamburg drove onto a ferry, I sat on the deck and watched the ocean for 45 minutes, and then the train drove back off the ferry. How freaking cool is that? Also, OCEAN. I'd never been so happy.

Yesterday was also one of the standout days from my trip so far, and also happened to mark four weeks since I arrived in London!

I started the morning with a short walk from my hostel to Nyhavn. It's the place along a canal with all the colourful buildings, which is just as beautiful in real life as it is on a postcard. I spent a long time here walking up and down, taking far more photos than necessary.


It was a really surreal moment and made me really access how incredible it is that I'm out seeing all of these things that are so far away from what I know and see at home.

Nyhavn is also where a couple of boat tour companies are based. Denmark is a very, very expensive place. My morning coffee cost me the equivalent of 6NZD, and I saw places selling one ice cream scoop for the same price! So when I saw that an hour boat tour was only 40DKK, which is about $8, I was impressed with the value and jumped on board!

It started off taking us around Copenhagen harbour, right down to The Little Mermaid statue. It was quite funny to see her from the perspective of a boat looking towards the shore. Hoards of people were crowded around her rock, taking selfies and photos. She is absolutely tiny and is apparently one of the most disappointing attractions ever but… I didn't care. I went back later to see her from the shore.

The boat tour then travelled through the various canals of the city. I like tours like that because you often learn facts you never would have otherwise. For example, only one flag was flying above the royal residence along the harbour which means only one member of the Danish royal family was in Copenhagen at the time.

After the tour I walked along the waterfront back towards The Little Mermaid. I needed my selfie. In case you don't know, I am sort of obsessed with mermaids.

Got it!

She was small and it was crowded so I didn't spend too much time there. I didn't think it was disappointing, though. How much does anyone expect from a tiny little statue?

On the walk back into town I stumbled upon a supermarket, which I was grateful for as it's the only food I can buy here where the price won't cause me a temporary depression.

I then realised I was right my Strøget, Copenhagen’s main and very long shopping street. This meant two things to me: Disney store and Lego store. Am I 22, or 12? It's anybodys guess.

The Disney store didn't have the Ariel soft toy I wanted. Sigh. It was the days only disappointment. Now all my hopes are pinned on the Milan store.

The Lego store though, was AWESOME (movie pun?). I wandered around the whole store, because running along the wall was a band where made up sets and ‘master builder’ creations were displayed. There was also a Nyhavn model made entirely of lego pieces, as well as other landmarks like the London Tower Bridge. I went a little bit mad in here and bought five keyrings and a Copenhagen lego magnet. The perfect souvenir.

Last night I met up with the American siblings I roomed with in Paris. It was the last night of there trip and it was really good to see them again! A couple of other people joined us and we just chilled in the gardens of Rosenberg Castle.

My plan for today is a bit up in the air. There is a church here where the top is literally a spiral, and stairs can take you to the very top until it becomes so skinny it is impossible to go up any further. That sounds cool, and I love seeing cities from above! There is also a food market that is apparently worth checking out. We'll see, but if today is anything like yesterday than I know I'm going to love it.

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