It took over 34 hours and allowed a very minimal amount of sleep, but I am now finally in London!

During that time I have had to try and get used to three timezones other than the NZ one I am used to, which meant being served (surprisingly decent) airline food at very odd times. I usually try and eat dinner a little earlier than 4.30am!

I am now sitting in my hostel bed thinking about what I should have for dinner. I'm more than tempted to just curl up now and go to sleep, but I will resist by skulling more caffeine.

I'm so excited to start properly exploring the city tomorrow. I got a bit of a taste after surviving my first tube experience and exiting Westminster station and getting up close and personal with Big Ben. My hostel is very central, just over the bridge from the London Eye and in walking distance from so many of the main attractions. I'm looking forward to burning off the entire bag of skittles I devoured during airport stopovers exploring them all.

Bring on some food and a solid nights sleep, then let’s get this adventure under way!