Let me tell you why Ghent is my new favourite place:

  1. It's beautiful.
  2. I spent two and a half days looking for post offices in Brussels, and I found one in Ghent within five minutes.
  3. Ghent is in the north of Belgium in the province of East Flanders, meaning that there they speak Dutch, which is a lot easier to read/generally understand. If you say Hello, technically you are speaking Dutch because they use the same word!!! Hallelujah!!!
  4. It has canals where the water is actually a real shade of blue.
  5. People smile.
  6. The Starbucks in the Korenmarkt has far reaching wifi which will work even when you are halfway along the square.
  7. It is really small so you can walk around for hours and probably be going in circles, but it's okay because you won't get lost and you'll always find something pretty to look at.
  8. It's the most vegetarian friendly city in the world. Actual fact. It has more vegetarian cafes and restaurants per capita than anywhere else on earth, including a vegan buffet place called Komkommertijd, which is DELICIOUS. Every restaurant in town is required by local government law to have a vegetarian option on the menu. Every Thursday, school cafeterias only serve vegetarian options, and some restaurants will change to a totally meat-free menu.
  9. It is so, so, so, pretty.
  10. Did I mention it's gorgeous?

I really can't explain it, and I can't choose only one or two photos, so here have a bunch. I hope I like Bruges even half as much when I visit tomorrow.

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