My feet are really, really sore.

Today began at the Portobello Market in Notting Hill. This had everything from clothing, to fresh fruit and vegetables, to food stalls, to random crap the sellers had probably salvaged from a dump bin somewhere.

I walked up and down a few times, but nothing really took my fancy so I grabbed some gelato and h0ped on a bus which was to take me to Chelsea. It was my first time on a double decker bus, as before this I had only used the tube and my feet for transport. I went upstairs, of course, and sat right at the front! It gave such a good view of the streets and was so much fun that I felt like a child.

I wandered around the streets of Chelsea for HOURS. My original aim was to reach the embankment but I took a wrong turn and ended up crossing into Fulham and coming across Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club, and their huge store. My brothers both hate this club, so it took all my willpower not to buy a t-shirt or hoodie with the word “CHAMPIONS” on it just to spite them. I ended up buying a keyring… because it has my name on it! I couldn't resist.

I then eventually found the embankment, and a sign to take selfies with, but again began walking the wrong way towards Clapham. By this time I was severely regretting my decision to wear jandels and got on the first possible bus I could find, purely to sit down for a bit.

After the bus, and two following tube rides I finally arrived back at the hostel. I decided to get dinner and go down to Westminster to watch sunset, but I was cold and to be honest I was really looking forward to being warm and comfortable in bed. So here I am.

Tomorrow is my last full day here and I have already booked my tickets to go on the London Eye both during the day and then again at night. Other than that, I think I'm going to stay close to Westminster and have more of a relaxed day with a lot less walking. I know my feet will thank me for that.

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