Prague looks exactly like the cities I imagine when I think of fairytales.

I started my exploring yesterday in the Old Town Square. This is surrounded by old buildings such as St Nicolas Church and the Town Hall, which houses the famous Astronomical Clock.

Town Hall

I admired the architecture for a bit, and then bought a ticket to climb the Old Town Hall tower and see the square and a view over Prague from above. I’ve seen nearly all the cities I have visited from a high viewpoint, but Prague was totally unique to them all. The red roofs of the buildings were different from any other place, and it was so nice to see hills! It seems the majority of Western Europe is flat. Hills are refreshing, and they remind me more of home.

View of Prague Old Town from the Town Hall Tower
Crowds gather to watch the Astronomical Clock show

After I had gone back down the tower it was a case of picking a street which lead off from the square, walking down it, admiring the buildings, dodging thousands of other tourists, connecting back to the square and then repeating the process multiple times.

On one arrival back into the square it was almost 2pm, meaning that I would be able to see the Astronomical Clocks hourly ‘show’. The crowd that had gathered was ridiculous, and so I waited in anticipation. Boy, was I disappointed. It was just a few random figures through a window and a dancing skeleton. The clock itself is beautiful, but I'd suggest looking at it any time other than close to the hour because the show is not worth dealing with elbows from other tourists and the invasion of personal space.

Astronomical Clock

My next plan was to walk the Charles Bridge. This connects the area of Prague Castle to the Old Town, which is on the other side of the Vltava river.

Firstly I walked over another bridge further down the river, to get to the castle side of the river. This gave an amazing view of Charles Bridge and the surrounding area.

Charles Bridge

I walked over the bridge and was impressed by the many statues on it, and by the towers at either end. It is really big, which is a good thing considering how many tourists were crammed onto it. It is apparently beautiful later in the evening too, and at night so I am hopefully going to go back and see that at some stage.

By this time of the afternoon I was exhausted. I chilled in the sun back in the town square for a while, and then headed back to the hostel to relax. I'm nearing six weeks of travel now and I think it's suddenly all caught up with me because I am so tired!

Today's plan is to visit Prague Castle and Vitus Cathedral, both of which sound INCREDIBLE. It's a bit chilly today with a high of 20°, so for the first time in a long time I am wearing my cardigan!

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