Today definitely did not go according to plan. I originally had decided to visit Prague Castle and Vitus Cathedral today, but some rain and a chat with my South African roomie which turned out to be two hours long made me decide to postpone.

All was not lost though, because I ended up at Vysehrad, a historical fort on a hill in the city. It was built in the 10th century, which is a fact I am still struggling to get my head around. The depth of history in this part of the world is such a world away from young little New Zealand.

It is still fortified, and now has parks within it which makes it a nice and relaxing spot. It is also far, far less touristy than anything I'd experienced in Prague so far which was refreshing. You can follow the walls the whole way around which gives fantastic views of Prague in every possible direction.

One of many incredible views from Vysehrad
Prague Castle on the hill in the background

After I'd enjoyed the views as much as humanly possible, I jumped on the metro and found myself at a mall not far away. I didn't spend much time here though, as it seemed a bit wrong to be in a fancy, modern three storey mall in a city full of beautiful, old, non-mall sights.

Ironically, Google then informed me that I was very close to the Dancing House. This is a pretty unique building that sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the cities architecture, built on the site of a house bombed during WWII. If this was built in a New Zealand city like Wellington or Auckland, people would barely raise an eyebrow. But in Prague? It was apparently preeeetty controversial.

Dancing House and other, more traditional buildings

There wasn't much to do other than walk past it, and by then I'd realised that I was starving, so I trekked (via the metro) back to my hostel to make dinner. I've been having couscous salads while I'm here, and can I just say how freaking amazing it is to not have meals based around bread. I never thought I'd be sick of eating bread, but maaan, Europe likes bread. A lot.

Tonights plan was to go and watch the sunset, but I'm sitting on my bed and I know myself well enough to know it is highly unlikely I am going to be getting back up anytime soon. So I think I'll save my night time exploration for tomorrow.

Instead, a movie and an early night sound ideal right about now.

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