Today was another amazing day in this perfect part of the world!

This morning I took the train to Santa Margherita, about an hour north of my base in La Spezia. What a beautiful town. Palm trees, striped beach umbrellas, sparkling clear blue water. It's literally the definition of paradise, so obviously my first stop was the beach. It was only 11am, but already the temperature was in the low 30's. I couldn't bare to sunbathe for longer than 10 minutes on either side because it felt like I was actually baking. Luckily, the ocean was a few metres away and IT WAS AMAZING.

Santa Margherita

It felt so good to swim. It was a totally different experience to any coastal beach I'm used to in New Zealand. There were no waves at all, not even washing up on the shore. This was probably because there was not a breath of wind, but it reminded me of being in a lake. It smelt and tasted salty though, so I was happy!

After drying off I walked along the waterfront until I found the ferry pier. From here I bought a ticket and headed to the famous resort village of Portofino. The ferry ride was so much fun! Although it's technically public transport, it felt like an awesome sight seeing tour or something. It was the perfect way to see the incredible views of the coastline and the villages scattered around it.

The view from my spot on the ferry

Portofino is a truly ridiculous place. It's tiny, but the bay is filled with yachts worth more than my house. The coolest was a huge, jet black one that I've decided is my ultimate goal possession.


I explored Portofino, just totally in awe of it. It's stunning, and very, very extravagant. I was obsessed with the view from the side of the bay opposite the centre. I love the typically Italian yellow and orange houses and shops, and I think it's so nice how much the contrast with the blue of the ocean!

I lookes through the shops, cringing a little at the prices. I saw a margherita pizza on a menu for €10. That's double what I've payed for them in other places. I then bought the most expensive gelato of my life. €3.60 for the smallest tub… ouch. Luckily it was nice! It's definitely not somewhere your average person to could go and spend a significant amount of time. I also came across more Russians in the couple of hours I was there than I would have during my whole trip. I did love it though. When I'm super rich in a couple of years time I'll come back in my giant black yacht and buy a few €10 pizzas for sure.

I got the ferry back to Santa Margherita and walked around it some more. I went back to an art store I'd walked past earlier in the day, because there was a picture in the window I really wanted to get. It was closed though!! I was so disappointed. It's a bit out of the way, but I'm very tempted to take another trip up there in the next day or two before I head south just to get it.

My original plan for tomorrow was to hike Riomaggiore to Portovenere, which is supposed to take about 3.5-4 hours. Unfortunately I have had a pretty annoying stomach bug the past few days which sometimes gives me bad cramps so I'm not sure if that is such a good idea. I'm going to see how I feel in the morning but if I still feel iffy I'll just take the bus to Portovenere instead. I'm having such a good time exploring different parts of the Italian Riviera, nothing is going to stop me seeing what I want to see!

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