Today was drastically less eventful than yesterday, but I think it made me love Copenhagen even more. If that is possible.

I walked to the Round Tower, an astronomical observatory built in the 17th century. Unlike in all the other structures I have climbed so far, this one had a spiral uphill pathway instead of stairs, but that didn't mean my legs hurt any less.

It wasn't overly high at the top , but still gave a great view of the city. In fact, I could even see Sweden. SWEDEN. I lost my mind.

The Round Tower
If you look closely you can see the bridge which links Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden

After this I wandered around, had lunch, abused Starbucks free wifi and wandered some more. My goal was to eventually end up at Central Station so that I could reserve a seat on a shorter train ride to Berlin, and avoid the longer 10 hour trip with three transfers.

I got there, and so did 600 other people. In fact, my ticket number was 604. The line was up to 550. I found another starbucks and abused their wifi some more.

Back waiting, I sat down next to a Danish lady who as it turned out has a daughter who spent three weeks in New Zealand doing some learning course. Crazy huh? She was lovely and very happy when I said how much I was loving her city.

Then, just when I thought this horrible, horrible waiting was actually not so bad because Danish people are lovely and chatty, they got even better. A man from the train company bought out a massive trolley full of ice blocks and gave everyone in the room one for free! This place is magical!

I am super tired today, so my plan is to binge OITNB (I only have three episodes left, eek!) for the rest of the night and take it easy.

Tomorrow I am going to hop on a train in Denmark, and then half an hour later hop off it in Sweden. That entire sentence sounds insane to me. A day trip to Malmö! I can't wait!

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