to the reader

I don’t know why it took nearly a year to start writing after my life changed and became the chaos it continues to be today. Not that I hadn’t tried, but the end product was never true and honest. More like a forced clever adaptation based on what I thought absent readers would enjoy or find to make the most sense. Or perhaps I was scared. Scared of what the words would say staring back at me. Worse only to how poorly they were written. And yet, I still continue to teeter on the edge of completely losing my mind and any logical direction so I must write. To balance my mind and attempt to make it whole.

And so I warn you from the onset that I have no intention other than an arrogant and private one. And as such, I have dedicated it to the convenience of my friends and family, so they might follow these next adventures. No matter where I am in the world.

My story has been unfolding for quite some time and I am finally ready to share with whoever is bored enough to indulge in my narcissism. In short, you would be completely unreasonable to spend your free time on so vain a subject.

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