Why can’t Twitter make money?
Enrique Dans

Good article and reflections on one of the big unknowns in tech today. Twitter needs to find a way to engage its users more and to grow its user base. I’m not sure if getting acquired by others is the answer to both though. If that were to happen, I’m sure the buyer would have specific plans for either or both problems but a change in strategy or management inside Twitter can also achieve those goals.

As a user, my problem with Twitter is that it’s too noisy. As much as I’ve tried to create lists, mute users, install apps for better access, nothing has worked for me. I still find myself opening IG and FB more often than Twitter, and of course using Whatsapp and iMessage a lot more. This produces social fatigue in me, so by the time I’m done with those, little remains for Twitter. The times where I still open it, I just scroll for a few screens down before I’m done. The other apps I mention group the people I care about, so Twitter is left for following news or topics, neither of which are powerful enough to hook me up for long.

I think one of the main problems of Twitter is that it is being abused by the ones who make a living out of social networks: community managers, celebs managers, support teams of companies, etc, etc. The avalanche of messages from them hides the one/two/three interesting tweets from friends or topics I care about. And so the only way for power users to get themselves notice is to keep posting. Loads. Which just makes the problem bigger: I haven’t met anyone so interesting as to be able to post one tweet per hour.

Maybe twitter should be thinking about separating two environments: the ones who offer a service via twitter (think TV shows, companies, support channels) or the ones who market something there (celebs, etc) and the regular users like me, who like to stay informed of trends and topics but also value time and friends even more. Would like to get your thoughts on this idea Enrique Dans


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