2015 review

Last year I started to review the year personally and professionally. You can see 2014 review here, I did all that I said except attending to more events, went only to 2 events :O

In 2015

  • My daughter was born!, She is called Noa (pic in the header), really happy and proud 😀
  • OpenClassifieds LTD grew 30% on revenue and even with 2014 on benefits having lot more expenses
  • We bought our competitors Noahsclassifieds
  • Yclas.com grew from 0 to 4840 customers!
  • Learnt a bit more about marketing and a looot about sysadmin
  • New professional videos for Yclas see here (9 more coming soon)
  • Redone our video course see here
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android

For 2016

  • Work a bit on Monyt to monitor servers the right way 😉
  • Find a weekend to improve eMailValidator
  • Expand more Yclas, we are currently translating and adding new niches
  • Open office in USA (Delaware of course)
  • New and more features for OC and Yclas, marketplace to share revenue etc..
  • Try to work a bit less, I am currently working more than 60 hours week
  • Travel more, now is more complicated but I need it, I love it
  • Have more holidays, this year was especially difficult to enjoy some days off
  • Enjoy my family as much as I can!
  • Maybe acquire another competitor, in negotiations already 😉

Thats all! Wish you the best for 2016

Originally published at chema.ga on December 31, 2015.