Automatically search for Flutter documentation from any web page

Chema Molins

When I read Flutter blog posts, twitter updates o other type of Flutter content, I normally want to learn more about the widgets and classes people use in their examples and explanations.

Thus I constantly find myself copying the Flutter word (class, method, ...) and pasting it in the search box of the Flutter documentation site.

Chrome extension to the rescue!

To avoid this repetitive operation I have published a simple Chrome extension that lets you right click on any word from the Flutter api documentation and let the Flutter documentation search for that word.

Here you have the Chrome store link and the project in Github.

You can use the extension in two ways:

  1. Right clicking in a word (without selecting) will search for the word under the cursor.
  2. Selecting a word or part of a word will search just for the selected part as in the image below.

At present, the search is delegated to the site. In the future, I plan to include in the extension itself the search index that powers the docs site, so if the word appears in the index, you will go directly to the desired documentation page, without any search involved.

As an additional help, the text is also copied into the search box of the docs site. This will allow you to edit the string if the search has been unsuccessful.

Feature requests and issues are welcome on the github project page.

Chema Molins

Written by

Father, cyclist, developer, Flutter enthusiast…

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