Power of Pharmaceutical Intermediaries

Groundwork of Pharmaceutical Intermediaries

Pharmaceutical products are of immense importance in today’s context given the fact that the modern world is plagued by various types of disorders. There are numerous new types of germs affecting and leading to different types of diseases today that are required to be treated with advanced medicines. Hence, the pharmaceutical researchers are toiling hard to devise new methods in order to come out with highly sophisticated medicines that can treat deadly diseases. All these advanced types of medicines need some vital chemical components known as the pharmaceutical intermediaries specifically that act as catalysts for broader and more complex preparation of pharmaceutical products.

Advance Pharmaceutical Research

One such essential pharmaceutical intermediary is known as Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate. This is a very extensively used chemical in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and has got lots of significance in the organic synthesis reactions. In fact, it is used in the preparation of some life-saving drugs for treating fatal ailments like AIDS, Hepatitis B, Tenofovir and many more. Being a pharmaceutical intermediary, the chemical has to satisfy certain conditions or characteristics rather so that the same can be used in the complicated chemical reactions. This chemical comes with exactly the similar properties and some of the most important properties are given as under:

  • It is a clear and colorless liquid that also becomes pale yellow sometimes.
  • It is insoluble in water but is miscible with organic compounds like methanol and dimethyl fromamide that are very responsible for various other organic synthesis reactions occurring in the chemical industry in the recent times.
  • There is a certain retention time of the principal peak of this chemical in the sample solution that is at par with that obtained in the standard solution while carrying out tests for related substances. This is another major property that influences and makes it a popular choice of pharmaceutical intermediary for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


The pharmaceutical industry is a rapidly progressing industry nowadays and in India, this forms an important sector because of the excellence in the preparation of the various types of products with utmost accuracy. Starting from the pharmaceutical intermediaries to other chemicals, both the directly and indirectly related industries are also flourishing with equal pace and the quality of the products being manufactured in India is simply unmatchable with any other contemporaries. This is the reason these are being exported across overseas countries as well.

Pharmaceutical intermediaries too are very essential in this regard and (HMDS / HMDZ) CAS No. : 999–97–3 and Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate are some of the most important ones that are extensively used in various other industries and hence are prepared in huge amounts in India.

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