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Custom Molding Options

Chemplast gives both standard and custom trim administrations of elite building grade Plastics, Rubbers, and Fiber Glass Products. Chemplast serves a wide assortment of ventures including aviation, therapeutic, nourishment and drink, oil administrations, car and hardware and in addition numerous others clients of value built plastic parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection trim is an assembling procedure for creating parts by infusing material into the pit of a mold. Infusion embellishment can be performed with an assortment of materials, normally thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Infusion embellishment is a proficient and savvy method for mass delivering plastic parts.

Chemplast is one of the pioneer disintegrates having some expertise in infusion trim of superior plastics, for example, PEEK, Teflon, Viton, PPS, PFA, FEP, and other elite polymers. Our best in class Plastic infusion shaping office works forming presses from 85 to 1100 tons, with shot sizes extending from 3 to 140 ounces. With more than 35 or more years of involvement in the business Chemplast the mastery and information in infusion trim to offer assembling answers for any industry.

Pressure Molding

Pressure trim is an another technique for embellishment in which the material for trim is initially put in a warmed, open mold. The upside of pressure trim is its capacity to form expansive, genuinely mind boggling parts. Chemplast has pressure shaping machines that are perfect for bigger parts, and a refrigerated space to store temperature delicate material.

Chemplast has the capacity of pressure trim carbon fiber strengthened Peek, PTFE, PPS, PI, PEI to close net shape or clear bars, tubes or squares.

Chemplast is likewise committed to the generation of Thermoset, FRP and elastomeric materials pressure shaping. Our offering incorporates phenolic, melamine, polyester, SMC, BMC, Silicon, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM material. UL perceived, NEMA, MIL. Spec and high temperature (220°C) material are accessible.

Vacuum Forming

Chemplast likewise offers vacuum shaping. Vacuum framing is another kind of thermoforming, in which a plastic sheet is warmed to the ideal shaping temperature, extended onto a curved or raised, single-surface form, and vacuumed against the mold by the machine. Vacuum shaping can be utilized to fabricate most item bundling and different housings. It is likewise exceptionally basic in the vehicle business as it is utilized to create auto dashboards. Alongside being an ease shaping alternative, it squanders less material, making it invaluable when working with costly mixes.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming:

• Economical for little to medium generation runs

• Low Tooling costs

• Quick startup

• High quality to weight proportion

• Efficient prototyping

  • No requirement for painting; the shading and surface are framed

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