How do I force myself to hit the publish button

So every time I attempt to write a blog on an interesting topic, I start off with a very positive feeling. After a few minutes, this feeling diminishes a little and I start finding alternative ways to structure the blog. After a little longer, all kinds of negativity comes in and I stop writing. Then the deletion comes soon after and it’s all forgotten about.

So this is about the 5th attempt to write something for people like me — someone who is interested in writing blogs for good reasons, but is somewhat reluctant to hit the publish button.

Here are the goals I want to achieve by keep blogging:

  1. To make it like a milestone for my career — I want to keep a record of the things I’m learning and have something to look back to and self-reflect in order to improve myself

2. To give back something to the community — I’m in the software industry. Stack overflow has been my most knowledgeable friend. It is a community built by people, without those who are willing to share knowledge, I would be stuck in the library digging out the most basic things. So it is important for me also to share my knowledge to help shaping this community.

And here are the reasons I keep deleting the things I write before they make it to the public:

  • People will criticise what I write
  • I don’t have enough experience to talk about the topic I want to talk about
  • The topic becomes uninteresting to me
  • There are already enough resources out there, I don’t want to just repeat what others have said

Here are the logical counter-arguments for each of the above and what I keep telling myself:

  • Absolutely there will be criticisms, whatever I write. Hopefully there will be at least 1 constructive criticism, which will help me get better
  • It’s time to learn the topic I find interesting in greater details. If I haven’t, hopefully I’ll have provoked some responses from more experienced individuals by posting it
  • If I found a topic interesting enough to write about for 1 moment, there is likely to be some one out there thinking the topic is interesting enough to read about for 1 moment
  • By repeating what others have said, 1. I’ll remember it more easily and for longer, achieving goal 1; 2. I’ll have given something back to the community by asserting what they have said. Google never came back to me with just 1 search result

So if you are like me and you’ve got this far into this blog. I’m well on my way to achieving those goals, thanks to you. I hope you will be too, thanks to me.

P.S. It took me hours even at this point to finally hit the publish button.