Online shopping diamond ring that the most price choice?

According to statistics, the main range of people’s diamond consumption in 5000–8000 or so, the sales ratio of 50% -60%. This part of the diamond ring diamond size in the 20–40 points, the color from the H-J color, clarity SI. While 8000–1.2 million replica cartier nail bracelet diamond sales were 10%. When the jeweler to join, the data is how much, following Xiaobian and everyone to explore.
When the expensive diamond was jeweler onto the line, the Chinese people’s consumption or in the 5000–8000 yuan, but the diamond ring size has become 30–50 points or so, but also has an international certificate, the color level is higher , luxury jewelry replica cartier love bracelet To achieve the basic colorless grade G level, there are some cut to EX perfect level. And the same level of diamond ring, the traditional channel to buy need to spend 8000–1 million.
According to the nature of electricity and consumption budget characteristics, 30–50 diamond ring is the most people choose, the price is also between the budget, that is, between the price of 5000–8000. Although the price unchanged, replica van cleef arpels ring diamonds become larger, but the luxury jewelry diamond quality level also rose together.
Very often, for SI2 clarity or K color of the diamond, customer service staff will not recommend customer service options. Because the SI2 clarity of the diamond has been able to see the black spots, and K-color diamond yellow will be more obvious. The luxury jewelry through the source to buy bare drill through the custom model, the fake cartier love diamond ring price control in the most favorable point, so luxury luxury is no longer luxury.