Rose ring, the flower in full bloom love, is the lucky guardian of love

Dora — beautiful blonde princess, her gentle hands to open the cold and frozen, her sweet singing Singing spring, her happy dance to draw the earth brilliant colors, the night she was born, her cradle There is a budding rosette ring, in the back of the rose cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica ring engraved “love bloom”, Dora was born particularly fond of roses, Dora’s parents in her 20 years old this day, in the Rose Garden for her Held a grand adult ceremony. The nearby kings of the castle were brought home to be invited to celebrate.
The news also spread to the cliff valley after the witch ear, after the witch because the princess has been to bring the warmth of the world’s spring, she wanted to winter frost to build her wand, van cleef arpels Vintage jewelry replica but because the princess has been unable to achieve. Witch after the witch will be turned into a hurry to come to the queen, with the curse of the thorns into a fresh rose flowers, vines compiled into a delicate wreath, into the princess, princess happy wearing The head.
When the ball began, the princess with the princess came to celebrate with the princes were invited to enter the rose garden dancing. This is the same year Dora was born the same year the neighboring prince, he has such as the lake clear eyes, sunny smile face. Dora and Ben pull into the rose garden of the moment, all the roses are open garden, and we are happy for this holy environment. Hidden in the crowd after the witch, to see such a scene spell spell, I saw Dora head of the garlands immediately turned into a black thorns, will Dora surrounded, this moment pulled the side of the guards of the knife, cut off Extending thorns, the thorns stopped growing immediately.
Witch because there is no system out of the staff, mana can not be cast, had to give up. Poor Dora was applied to the thorns can not escape the trapped bag, only to be pulled out of the hands of the prince exposed, blood has flow down the fingers down.van cleef arpels alhambra necklace replica The king and the queen scared fainted in the past, everyone chaos for a group, the pull Dora’s hand, worried about her safety, bow to kiss the princess’s hand, when the lips touch the rose ring, the rose buds open , And flowers at the end of the metamorphosis of the green twigs tied thorns, suddenly a bunch of light, thorns naught, Dora lying on the ground rose petals, the rush in the past hold up Dora, prince and princess hugged together .
In order to love and bloom in the rose Van Cleef & Arpels ring replica, Dora and the love of the patron saint. Since then the legend of people with roses ring, is the love of the lucky guardian.