The purchase of diamonds is inseparable from the protection of the certificate

For many people, only recognized GIA certificate, and NGTC national inspection certificate recognition is not high. So, when buying diamonds, NGTC national inspection certificate and GIA certificate that better?

For both diamonds, whether it is NGTC certificate or GIA certificate, their assessment criteria are the same. And consumers are more recognized GIA certificate, because the GIA certificate has been 70 years of history, but also the founder of replica vancleef alhambranecklace diamond 4C, the world’s accreditation agencies are based on GIA standards as a reference.

In general, with the GIA certificate of diamonds in the world more easily recognized, NGTC national inspection certificate identification standards are the same as with the international, temporarily lack of authority in the international, mainly for the vancleef arpels alhambra replica necklace domestic market. At present, the market common diamond certificate mainly GIA, HRD, IGI three, and of course is the domestic NGTC.

For the NGTC national inspection certificate and GIA certificate that better question, Xiaobian want to say is that, as long as the formal identification certificate, the same fake van cleef arpels necklace diamond will have the same level, the value of diamonds is the same.