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To be honest, I have no idea why I got this 1000 pieces puzzle. It was fun, and more of a challenge. I spent the four full (almost) days to work on that and finally finished it.

I got really mad when I figured out that the last piece have gone missing. It was something new to try out, and I think patience is the key here. The ocean part and the rocks were driving me crazy, all of those pieces looks exactly the same.

Mind Map (image)

This is the second version of the mind map, the first version was lost from closing the internet browser accidentally. Along with all the work, I lost some great ideas as well :(

It was a really tough thing to do we you work on something really hard then you have to start over. It feels like when I lose data in my games.

Mind Map ( digitization)

The mind map was first created digitally.

Suggested Themes
  1. Peace: From the inner peace to world peace, so many things could be talk about. And peace would bring people calmness, along with a healthy spiritual world. How to reach this state for everyone could be something to explore.
  2. Social Media: The relationship between people nowadays are more often through social media. And the balance between using tech devices and real life are also important. Plus, social media could also spread information quickly, that could be also using to find and share health ideas.
  3. public Issue: Air pollution, traffic and public safety. There are all kind of problem which could harm people in different ways. Road to well being ain’t going around them.
10 Silly Ideas

Handcuff Toothbrush

Cuff your hand until you finish brushing your teeth.

Clean Door

You must wash your hand after using the bathroom in order to unlock the door.

Raise Gas Price

So people don’t want to drive any more.

Lights-Out System

Automatically turn of everything in the room so you must go to bed at a certain time.

Healthy Card

A credit card that cannot buy soda or junk food.

Isolated School

Make the university in the middle of no where, and all student have to run to school everyday.

Deadly Cigarette

Randomly make some cigarette deadly, so people will quit smoking.

Smile-More Cap

A cap makes you smile more, get in the good mood!

Soft Car

No one will be hurt by cars anymore!

No Meat After 5

Store and restaurant are not allowed to sell meat after 5 o’clock.

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