Klevis Deva

I like how you organized your data in the forms and graphs so it looks so clear for the readers. How you discuss on each product during the patent search and the concerns are really leading the readers to think a little more on them.

I wish you have calculate the average for the amount of money people are willing to pay for each product, the forms and graphs looks clear on how each individuals think but the price in a bigger picture ain’t easy to tell. This could be important since how most people think is what we actually need here.

What if you change your products a little bit based on the concerns you have, some of them do have some solutions. For example, the main point of the hug a cloth is to feel comfortable as my thinking, and the technology nowadays do help those feels really good. but how about making everyone to feel good in the hug a cloth? since different people have different ideas of what comfortable means.

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