10/19 think about general ideas about the theme and sketching ideas

10/20 find people to join brainstorm session

10/21 organize time for meeting

10/22 gather people to do the brainstorm. Start with the warm up and vote for ideas.

10/23 determine the best ideas

10/24 re-sketch the ideas

10/25 post the blog


My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

So I thought about the warm-up games we had before and I create a new warm-up game. The first person set a category and everyone come up with one thing belongs to this category. Then everyone has to remember each other’s thing and starts to count the number from one in random order. If any two people said the same number at the same time then they have to say the other one’s thing first or they lose the game. And I set the punishment is to take some snacks cause it’s almost Halloween! We did this warm-up games for abut 10 minutes cause it’s so much fun.

Session Organization

Kal: from St Louis Park, Minneapolis. He was a soccer player in high school team.

Simon: from Seattle, WA. He went to the gym every day.

Rui: from China. He played basketball a lot.

All these people are junior at the U. And we used to live in the same dormitory but they all have different background. Kal used to play soccer a lot he once was in his high school soccer team. However, he recently got injured so he had to stop exercise for a while. Simon goes to the gym every day and he once got injured while he was doing exercise. Rui played basketball a lot and he is really good at it.

Setting: At my apartment

I want to find a place that we can talk freely and have enough space to do the warm-up game and put the notes together to do the brainstorm. So I asked them to come to my place to do the brainstorm session.

The length of time of idea generation: about 1 hour.

The total number of idea generation: 4 people 23 ideas

IPM: 5.75 idea per person

Sorting and Voting


Top Ideas

from Kal
from Kal
from Kal
from Simon
from Simon
from Simon
from Rui
from Simon
from Rui
from myself
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