5 reasons why you should switch from VidIQ to SocialBook builder!

Aug 21, 2019 · 6 min read

There are many tools out there that help YouTube content creators optimize their channels, gain more views, and grow their audience. The most well known tool is probably VidIQ. It includes a ton of features and already has close to 1 million downloads from the Chrome store.

Recently, SocialBook launched SocialBook Builder, a new Chrome extension which offers several key benefits compared to VidIQ. The SocialBook platform already boasts more than 100,000 registered content creators. Content creators on YouTube may wonder: Why should I use SocialBook builder instead of VidIQ? Why I should trust a newly launched plugin instead of a more established one? Here are 5 key reasons why.

1. Slow and laggy extensions are no good

Many VidIQ users complain about it being too slow. This is not just perception, you can see the size of the extension if you install their extension and then go to chrome://extension on your browser and click on details. As seen in the screenshot below, VidIQ has 8.2MB.

On the other hand, if you download SocialBook Builder and check the extension details, it only has 3.4 MB.

So what does that mean for you? Without getting too technical, SocialBook builder is almost 3 times faster than VidIQ. Lose the frustrating laggy extension and go with SocialBook builder which has a super smooth experience.

2. Don’t give up too much access permissions

Not sure about you, but when I first tried VidIQ, I was scared by the permissions it requested:

See, edit, and permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments and captions.

That sounds super scary right? I would NEVER allow that.

Are those permissions really necessary? Should you give away the entire control of your channel to a third party app just because you want keyword recommendations for your videos?

Sure they have the standard disclaimer: “We will never share your information to any third party provider…”. Every company says that and yet you see data breaches where the data of millions of users get exposed, such as this Instagram data breach. If Facebook/Instagram can’t keep your data safe, how can VidIQ?

Now back to SocialBook Builder, when connecting your YouTube account, here are the permissions it asks for:

Only two simple ready-only permissions. That’s it. Even with those simple permissions, SocialBook is able to build a beautiful profile for every content creator.

Influencer Profile

SocialBook — the world’s best real-time YouTube/Instagram influencer analytical, marketing and advertising machine…socialbook.io

By using AI and machine learning, Socialbook can provide you all the features you need without requiring invasive access to your precious YouTube channel.

3. Supporting the future — Creator Studio beta

You are probably aware that YouTube is deprecating the old YouTube classic, and urging all content creators to switch to the new YouTube Creator Studio. From Google’s support website:

Intro to YouTube Studio beta

YouTube Studio beta is the new home for creators. Here, you manage your channel, get insights that help you grow, and…support.google.com

Creator Studio Classic is going away soon. Moving forward, all plugins need to support Creator Studio beta. Let’s take a look at the thumbnail creator feature of VidIQ:

Bummer! They’re probably working on it right now, but SocialBook builder is already fully integrated with Creator Studio beta. All features are fully functional and thriving today.

4. We want your feedback for future features

When using VidIQ, you may notice that it includes a lot of small, trivial features. They are trivial in the sense that they are easy to implement from a technical perspective. Although we could implement every feature that VidIQ has built, we prefer to hear YOUR feedback to see what you care about the most before actually building out those features. For example, here are some features that we have built based on user feedback in the past:

4.1 Inline tracking links

When you add a link to your video description, don’t you want to know how many people have clicked your link, where they are coming from, what device they are using, and other important information. If you’re running important brand campaigns with your videos, it is crucial you have this information instead of operating in the dark.

There are link shortener services out there like bit.ly that can help you with that, but then you have to go back and forth to get those links and analyze the result.

Why not just having all of them in one place? We prefer to simplify the experience. That is why we created our own inline tracking link generator. Whenever you type a link in your description, you will get an option to generate a tracking link for it:

Once you generate a link, you can see its stats by clicking on it:

In fact, you can even specify where you want your audience to go when they click the tracking link from an iPhone or an Android device.

You can even customize your link, making it look more accessible to your viewers.

4.2 Thumbnail generator

While VidIQ is still working on a thumbnail generator, Socialbook already offers a fully functional one. You have to try it out yourself to experience its power and beauty. We’ll write a separate blog post in the future explaining everything you can do with this tool to create stunning thumbnails that get your videos more views!

5. Look and feel

Last but not the least, it’s our strong opinion that content creators deserve MODERN tools instead of the ones that look like they’re from the 90’s. Why get used to UI like this:

When instead you can use this:

At SocialBook, we pride ourselves with creating a gorgeous experience in all of our tools.

So what now?

Well if you’re interested already, go ahead and download our extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/socialbook-youtube-builde/eoeaennjgmgjmmpaellcjmjalpokgdee?authuser=2

If you have any additional questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing: support@socialbook.io. We’ll definitely get back to you as soon as possible, we’re here to help you on your journey as content creators after all!

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