Recommend a very interesting website to .Net/Unity programmers:

Jiadong Chen
Aug 3 · 2 min read

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I found a very interesting website today:

The pages of the website are not complicated, and the functions can be summarized in the title image. But I found this website by chance. It was only until today that I found it on Twitter, which was sent by my colleague who was ‘spoiled’ by this website that could be quick online-try-it-out.

Simply put, this site can display the intermediate process and results of .Net code (such as C#) compilation.

Because .Net has many different implementations, the site offers a variety of different versions.

As for decompilation, you can view the IL code compiled from source code, or view the "source code" that is decompiled back or even JIT Asm. You can also view the Syntax Tree in the compilation. In the words of the author, “SharpLab allows you to see the code as compiler sees it, and get a better understanding of .NET languages.”

And you can also switch between Debug/Release configurations.

Of course, in addition to viewing the compilation process and results, the website also supports viewing the result of the code. Since it provides a quick online-try-it-out approach, it is convenient to see C# compilation process and results.

And most importantly, the site itself is open source. And hosted on Github.

Welcome to star this project.

Jiadong Chen

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