ChatGPT Needs To Cite Its Sources

David G Chen
2 min readDec 24, 2022


You cannot make statements and expect others to believe you without evidence and data to back up the words coming out of your mouth. Being an AI chat bot does not make it an exception.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chat bot that was created by OpenAI. It was recently made available to the public to toy around with.

As it’s name implies, it is a chat bot that is based on artificial intelligence. I must admit that it is pretty nifty in that you can ask it ANYTHING and it will respond with a semi-cohesive answer.

“Is the earth round or flat?”

“What keywords should I use for pet grooming?”

Literally anything that you can think of, you can ask it, and it will reply. It really is quite amazing however there is a problem…

ChatGPT does not cite its sources

It will respond to you and give you an answer but you don’t know where it got its answer from. It does not cite the source for where it pulled its information from. It doesn’t even make an attempt to do so…

This is a huge problem because in this age of misinformation and media propaganda, it is of utmost importance to know WHO said it and WHERE they heard it from.

How would I know if its not some mad scientist that is trying to create a world that he sees fit in his head which no one else agrees with? Or what if it’s Vladmir Puting that is feeding me answers when I type in random questions?

The potential for harm is limitless… I’m scared, are you scared?

All credible sources of information will cite their sources

We all know that scientific studies are littered with footnotes and references at the end of the paper. Otherwise we wouldn’t know if it was true or not.

The same could be said for news and various other media. They all quote their sources or input it as a backlink.

Everything needs to be fact checked!

AI Chatbots should not be an exception

Just because ChatGPT is an AI chat bot, it doesn’t mean it should get a free pass.

It NEEDS to cite its sources.

How would I know that I can trust its answer?

I currently can’t.

Rant over. I’m too upset to even write properly!



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