Soo . . . your contention is that you “need” alcohol to conduct your social life, but you “don’t…
Jennifer Snow

Completely missed the point because you were too busy judging someone for actually enjoying drinking as a social activity, an activity that has existed since before any recorded laws or religion. But congratulations on living such a superior lifestyle, and thank you for remanding us flawed degenerates.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in actually understanding the perspective of someone who doesn’t share your beliefs, the author’s point is that this arbitrary barrier causes the very alcohol abuse it’s trying to prevent, much in the same way that prohibition caused a rampant level of crime, violence, and extreme substance abuse that exceeded the anecdotal social damage of legally consuming alcohol. The latter, while real, was mostly a tale that was overdrawn and demonized by self-appointed artificial moral authorities.

Any of that last part sound familiar to you?

But why do you need to drink to have fun? Why do you need to hang out with drunk people, you may whine. I don’t need religion to have a purpose in life or productively function in society. Should I go to every church and tell everyone there that they’re throwing away their money on an institution with a heritage of persecution and violence as old as history itself? Or should I try to understand and accept that some people live more fulfilling lives with religion in it, even though I don’t agree with their beliefs?