Our Married Story (8/11/18 — “The Marriage Celebration”)

After all this crazy planning, the time had come to “formally” walk down the aisle. The funny thing is that at the rehearsal the night before the ceremony, my dad and I realized we couldn’t walking side by side down the aisle. We just wouldn’t fit. So, when we walked down the aisle the day of, we kind of had to take a diagonal approach to it.

I was so blessed that he was well enough to walk me down the aisle and officiate the wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful, even though it was not the “official” one but more of the “formal” family and friend one. My Aunt Tina read us a lovely poem.

My Aunt Tina reading her lovely poem. Thanks again Aunt Tina! ❤

My Aunt Pam played the piano for us. I don’t think I have a photo of her but she was a beautiful woman. We love you and miss you Auntie Pam!

I think one of the most meaningful parts of the ceremony was when we exchanged our vows that we wrote for each other ourselves. I definitely cried a lot during this event.

Jesse reading his vows.

Jesse’s vows:

“You are the pillar upon I stand, amidst a sea of broken dreams.

You are the place where I have to lay my head when I am broken and can go no longer.

You are the comfort I have when all seems to have been lost. To my surprise you are much stronger then I could ever be.

You are my hope as I face another day without knowing the end.

You are my joy with no reason. You are the strength in my heart when I know at the end of the day, I can hear your voice.

Without you I am nothing but a broken man in a broken world.

You are beautiful beyond measure, perfectly made by God’s two hands. You are the one that I see in the years to come as I plan my future. You are everything in my world worth living for.

I love you and thank God for you every day.”

I definitely cried in this moment.

Charity’s vows:

“Some people don’t believe in love at first sight and neither did I until I started praying for a man like you and was introduced to you.

From the beginning I noticed something different about you.

Something I liked.

As I got to know you I realized it was your carefree attitude that drew me to you.

I had been so accustomed to worrying about what everyone thought that I had no idea what it meant to live; I mean really live.

You taught me how to live freely and to love freely.

I went from having a shallow smile on my face to a genuine glow.

I have loved you for a very long time, and I love you now, and Baby I will love you forever.”

Yes, our vows were kinda cheesy. But keep in mind that two 19 year-old kids wrote them and aren’t vows suppose to be cheesy!?! Up next my sister sang “You will Never Walk Alone,” while we lite the unity candle.

Faith singing while we lite the unity candle.

Then of course we exchanged rings. Jesse’s little brother Joel was our ring bearer. It is hard to believe he was only 5 years old back then. He is 13 now.

❤ Rings ❤

This time when it was time to say “I do,” Jesse actually got it right and said “I do” instead of “I will.” It’s stupid I know but what you expect from me!?! lol. Anyway, on to one of the highlights of the evening…the kiss!

The sweet thing is we were each other’s first kiss when we were dating. So, if we were doing it wrong we didn’t know it.

And…run away!…

* One of my favorite pictures from the wedding. Meghan did a beautiful job, didn’t she!?! If you want her information so you can hire her, just pm me. Thanks again for doing this for us as a gift! You are awesome!