Salesforce Summer’18: A deeper dive

Summer is definitely on the horizon now, the pre-release treasure hunt is over and the release note are here for all to read. In my last post, I took a look at my pre-release org before the release notes were here. I have now had a chance to take a deeper dive into Summer’18 and can reveal some other things we can look forward to the next Salesforce release.

Lightning reports with a classic touch

During the pre-release, it was noticeable that the lightning report builder was going to become the start of the show in lightning with a hint that it was going to become Generally Available (GA) in Summer’18. The features I found included: Nested report folders, printable view in lightning, group by dates, updates to history reports and customising the columns of report folder. But there were a few things that I missed

Summer18 Add To dashboard
  • In lightning, you now have the ability to add a report to a dashboard directly from the report, once you click the add to dashboard button you are given the option to add to an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard
  • Tables in dashboards just got a lot better, with the lightning tables component. Tables a very useful thing to have on a dashboard have always been a pain, the classic table component was limited in the customisations you had and initially, lightning tables brought some additional capability, but these new changes have really stepped it up a notch. You now have the ability to select a grouping, this means you can display multiple tables using the same report but grouped in different ways or without a grouping to show record details. Add this with the power of selecting the columns you would like this can dramatically reduce the number of reports required as you can have 1 report with multiple tables showing different groupings and columns.
Summer'18 Dashboard tables
  • Now time for a fanfare, something is joining lightning that has been requested since day one. You can now view joined reports in lightning although this is only a beta, it’s something that has stopped people from migrating to lightning. As this is a beta you have to enable it first by going to Setup > Reports and Dashboards Settings > Enable Lightning Joined Reports (Beta) and you also have to create & edit these reportings using the classic builder, so you will either have to enable the classic report builder in lighting or hop back over to classic to get this done. There are still quite a few bits missing (as seen in the release notes) but this is one small step in the right direction, fingers crossed we will be feature parity by Winter’19.

The marketing team gets some love

As a Pardot user, I have seen a lot of enhancements to how Pardot & Salesforce are aligning for B2B marketing, Summer’18 has brought with it some other enhancements that marketers should love.

  • With Summer’18 brings the ability to add all contacts from an account to a campaign. If you are targeting set accounts that you are looking to target, this should make life a lot easier and one less report for you to build
  • From the campaign page, you can now send a list emails to all campaign Members this should make it and lot quicker and simpler to gather the contacts required for a list email and get it out the door.
  • Campaign members is one of those strange second class objects in Salesforce, these objects don’t have the same functionality as a regular object and will quite often limit the data you can store, the visibility of data to users and the types of automation you can run on it. The campaign members object is getting an update so you can set security settings on it giving you control of who can access it selecting from controlled by campaign or private. This is a big help to those industries with tighter regulations.
  • You now have the ability to filter a lead or contact list view by the campaigns they belong to. This will make things easier if you have campaigns that you liek to reuse lists for or have sales completing a follow up action from the list view.

New things Found

  • Mass quick actions on more objects
  • Live agent updates and bot


  • Campaign member access

If you would like to take a look yourself (and I highly recommend that you do) the current release notes can be found here.

Originally published at Chendysworld.