Meaghan, you brought to the public square your poverty and made a political case out of it.
Henryk A. Kowalczyk

My name is Cheney, it’s the one that goes first.

The truth is, I am not interested in talking to people like you. I have had it with trying to convince people that you should care about the health and equality of all citizens. I don’t have the energy to personally hold your hand and outline all the mistakes in your thinking when it comes to how people get into or stay in poverty, and frankly, you don’t deserve my personal story any more than anyone else on Medium, so I won’t be writing it especially for you.

Yeah, I think that the wealthy should pay more in taxes so that we can have universal healthcare in this country. And hey, if Universal Healthcare were a thing, I’d be happy to do my part and fork over the extra 1 or 2% of my paycheck so that everyone in this country could have access, but would you be happy to do that? Apparently not, based on your comments and post that I read.

Rebuffing your “uncomfortable questions” has nothing to do with self-assurance and shielding myself, it’s just that I don’t think there’s much conversing to be had with you. People with your viewpoints are the enemy I fight, not the people I try to win over. You are too far gone for that.

I don’t know how to convince you that you should care about other people, you are an adult, and you have apparently made your choice.

Good day, sir.