Who Cares?

No one cares what I have to say.

“You know what? No one cares what you have to say.

No one is sitting around refreshing their social media feeds waiting to know what thoughts you currently have flying about in your brain.

No one out there is asking themselves, ‘I wonder what Cheney thinks about this,’ and probably no one ever will.

So what?

Write anyway.”

I recently took a class called Write Anyway by a woman and writer who I’ve respected since I found her blog online many years ago.

It was hard to explain to people what kind of writing class this was, because we really didn’t talk much about the craft of writing, or plotting, or characters, or publishing, or anything, really, that you think of when you think of the words ‘writing class.’

This was more like group therapy for writers who feel stuck and scared of their writing.

It was a class based around the idea of:

Yeah, putting yourself out there and being your authentic self is fucking scary as hell, but who cares? Write anyway.

I plan on writing anyway.

I plan on writing and publishing the poems I have inside.

I plan on writing and publishing the sci-fi novels that I can never bring myself to finish and edit.

I plan on writing and publishing tons of articles and blog posts that I’ve always wanted to pitch and write but I’ve never had enough confidence in myself (until now, I hope) to actually start doing it.

I plan on writing all the things.

All the things.

Even the things that people probably don’t care about, because those are the things that are constantly swirling around in my brain.

You know, all that junk.

All those what if thoughts.

All those ideas that might seem too crazy, or idealist, or just plain dumb to share, I want to share them.

No one cares what you think about that.

Well, maybe someone does care.

I care.

Maybe you care.

Maybe a lot of us actually care, but we never really say so.

This is the place to say so.

I’m going to come here and share my thoughts about things.

If you care?

Stay, and maybe think about contributing your own thoughts.

If you don’t care?

You can leave.

Thank you for reading. Click the heart if you care to.